Dec 20

Did not create Windows 7 user password reset disk, How to reset password?

Did not create Windows 7 user password reset disk like this computer is asking for password; can’t get on computer! New computer windows 7 home premium used only a few times in a couple of weeks. I did not create password for home screen login. Home screen now requires password despite not having made one. I cannot get on to computer.
I have attempted various passwords that I use elsewhere; have tried to use my log-in name as password; have tried to login without putting any password and just pressing enter ( as I would have done before) but not working. Please help me bypass Windows 7 password login (more info at here), very anxious.
The default password is “admin”. So try that, I see you said you have tried a few already but it is worth a shot. Otherwise, because we will not circumvent password protection, do you have the installation discs with your PC?You said you only used a few times, if you insert the installation disc, and repair the windows file, same thing as re-installing; you will be back to square one but no lock out.I’m not trying free Windows 7 password recovery (learn more here). For some reason there is a password on my home screen log in account and I can’t get on to my computer. I did not set ANY password. This is very frustrating as this is a brand new computer (running windows 7 not vista) and i did not set up any password but for some reason there is a password on my computer and I can’t get on it. What is going on? How can this happen? No one has touched my computer- only me about 5 times since I bought it.

I hope all the below solutions on cracking Windows 7 login password (Click this to more info)are helpful, also, you can create a password reset disc, and the instructions are below, so you do not run into this issue again.
Solution 1. Login as administrator on pc to change Win7 login password. Then go steps as “Start” – “Control Panel” – “User Accounts and Family Safety” – “User Accounts” – “Change your Windows Password” – “Make Changes for a User Account” – “Remove Passwords”.
Solution 2. If now forgot Windows 7 logon password (more at here)and locked away from pc; we can refer to professional software – Windows Password Recovery Tool. Specific steps are as the below:
The first step: Google search “Windows Password Recovery Tool”, get results from suggestion for recovering Windows 7 password;
The second step: Download needed Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional and set it to an accessible pc;
The third step: Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk simply by using a blank Usb stick;
The fifth step: Insert the burned reset disk into password lost computer, and set the pc as well from USB drive to do password recovery for Windows 7.
Also, I got suggestions:
Solution 3. Create another admin account, then it will allow you to. It’s for security reasons; that it is really good to possess a password by using an account which controls our whole computer…Solution 4. Have got the old password it must permit you to change Win7 login password…otherwise try this…start the machine and repeatedly tap the F8 key until the option screen appears and choose safe mode with networking then open your browser and attend SAFETY LIVE  that is certainly Microsoft’s online virus scanner you will discover others…there after head over to Malware Bytes and download their free scanner and run the scan…Aviary and Kaspersky offer free rescue disk just start using a clean machine to download and burn the disk set your bios on top of that in the CD/DVD player and run the rescue disk ahead of the machine can boot up…to return to safe mode restart your machine.
Actually, the Solution 2 could help my learn how to remove Windows 7 password or all Windows 7 those who need change Win7 login password. The Windows Password Recovery Tool is definitely a helpful and instantly Windows 7 password unlocker tool!
Dec 15

Apple iPhone 5 sales not good in mainland, shares tumbled 3.76%

Dec. 15 news, Apple shares plunged today, yesterday, Apple iPhone 5 to enter the Chinese mainland market. Apple shares fell so, mainly because people suspect that the iPhone 5 will not be popular, like the previous product iPhone 4S.

In Friday’s trading, Apple shares fell to $ 508.05, low price 4% higher than Thursday’s close. Subsequent rebound in stock prices, to noon about $ 511. Apple’s stock price is the lowest since February. To close, Apple’s stock price eventually fell $ 19.90, or 3.76%, to $ 509.79. Apple’s market capitalization is $ 479.56 billion, has fallen below $ 500 billion.

UBS Investment research analyst of Steve • melen Norwich (Steven Milunovich) lowered their estimates, and also Apple also lowered target price reduced from $ 780 to $ 700, he explained the March quarter expected iPhone and iPad shipments lower than expected supply chain problems.

The Melen Norwich reference some Chinese sources as saying, iPhone 5 may not be like the 4S as good, iPad mini will erode the iPad’s market. The report said: “Taking into account the European economy is not good, the highly competitive mobile phone, our previous estimate may be too positive.”

UBS maintain Apple stock BUY with target price of $ 700 is less than the consensus forecast of Wall Street. On average, Wall Street’s target price is $ 754.02, which is the average of the results of 48 analysts.

Also yesterday, the U.S. Court verdict, Apple violated three mobile patents of a company owned by Nokia, Sony Corporation of America all companies part.

UBS analysts remain optimistic about the long-term price of Apple. The report said: “although analyst estimates need to be adjusted, but we do not think the story is over. Apple is trying to launch a more beautiful product, iTV, still wearing a computer, or other new products, we believe that innovation is not dead. ‘

In mid-September, Apple shares had reached $ 700 record high, fell by 25%, followed by two months. Earlier this month, the share price re-rebounded to about $ 600.


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Dec 07

Microsoft eight sins – Windows 8 is a blessing or a curse?

CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy the article cited Microsoft committed eight turnovers in the decision-making, Windows8 upgrade cost is too high, the Tablet lost force, public relations burnout are on the list.

Recently, Tami Reller, chief marketing and chief financial officer of Microsoft Windows, announced that Windows 8 from October 26 officially listed so far has sold 40 million licenses. Although the surface looks Windows 8 appear to have been successful, but in fact, according to CNET and other media reported that, Windows 8 and related hardware products and disappointments.

November 29, The New York Times published an article, according to NPD data cited Windows 8 PC and tablet sales data, called the poor. Four weeks from October 21 to November 17, Windows Tablet PC sales is almost negligible Excluding Windows 8 devices accounted for only less than 1%.

Windows 8 should be upgraded PC sales, but fell to such an end, in the end is what went wrong? Although Microsoft have healthy thick, can withstand the losses caused by policy mistakes. But where specific issues, let us to a detailed analysis of Microsoft’s eight wrong move.

1. Windows 8 upgrade cost is too high

My family of four or five Windows device, less than $ 40 if the upgrade license, I will consider. But in fact, I feel that Windows 7 runs very well, I did not see any compelling reasons for upgrade, especially several devices are touch screen. And I have become accustomed to Apple’s new system, only to spend $ 20 to buy an OS upgrade package can be upgraded to at least five of the same iTunes account equipment.

Windows 8 compared to Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle is more important, but I do not only need an upgrade license, but more. At least three, preferably five. Some might say I’m greedy, but Microsoft does not provide these types of transactions, I would not consider upgrading.

Confused Surface RT

When I learned a few months ago, Microsoft Surface RT Tablet PC system running Windows RT, rather than the Windows 8 Pro, I was shocked, this implied that the tablet does not support older versions of Windows software.

Why is Windows RT? Why released a few months ago the Windows RT Tablet PC, a Windows software supports the old models of the “real” Windows 8 tablet launched a few months later? In fact, I think Surface tablet hardware performance is good, but it is not unique, killer feature.

3. Surface Pro Tablet overpricing

Tablet launched a few months ago, Microsoft did not disclose the specific price, many people speculated the high-end, the “real” Windows 8 tablet certainly expensive. This guess is verified. Recently, Microsoft announced tablet starts at $ 899 with the keyboard (the keyboard is priced at $ 100). Why I do not spend this money spent with touch screen, ultra-extreme endurance doubled compared to it?

4. Windows 8 notebook confusion

Had a friend mail consulting me, let me recommend a Windows 8 notebook. I told them, a CNET colleague suggested people buy Windows 8 notebook with touch screen. Me laptop guru Dan Ackerman and Scott Stein that the touch screen is a must, I also agree with this point of view. Windows 8 Metro interface supports dynamic magnetic stickers, or more suitable for touch screen operation.

5. Unattractive

New York Times published the NPD data the same day, the newspaper also published an article entitled “IDC: Microsoft face the ultimate trial in the field of mobile software articles. The article cited IDC survey data, 33% of developers surveyed said very interested to Windows 8 development and application, 21% of developers said they are very interested to Windows Phone 7 development and application.

In contrast, intends to iPhone development and application developers proportion as high as 85% to about 83% of iPad development applications, 76% to Android development, Android Tablet PC, compared with 66%, while BlackBerry nobody asked and .

In this study, IDC has said: “not attract 50% of developers willing to develop the mobile platform will gradually die.” In other words, unless Microsoft’s efforts to attract developers, otherwise destined to decline.

Previously, Microsoft Windows 8 conference held in New York, did not give a heavyweight developers leave any deep impression.

A participant said: “Microsoft almost just showcase its Windows applications, but they did not go through the channels of interest to encourage us to develop applications for the Windows platform so difficult for us every reason to go into the Windows smart phones and tablet PCs in the development of related applications, we can not, after all, free to do it. ”

Microsoft PR “crisis”

In recent years, Microsoft has invested in advertising millions of dollars, this is the money the company’s usual practice, even if the result is lackluster. However, I think that in recent years, Microsoft’s public relations burnout effective.

Review Microsoft’s performance in New York, October 25 Windows 8 conference. The media are looking forward to the arrival of the “Oprah moment”, the results left them disappointed. Not only did not experience the Surface Tablet PC, the opposite is just again experience Windows 8 performances.

7 Microsoft does not have a “killer” mobile products

Apple has always been an advantage in the publicity around the iPhone and Android market presents the trend of fragmentation, but part of the Motorola Android phone can occasionally come to the fore, the Samsung Galaxy S3 became genuine Android Star.

As for the former hero of Nokia, has claimed that launched a killer Windows Phone 8, but so far there is no news. Lumia 920 is impressive, but it does not have a strong, the complete ecosystem support, can not be a stable footing in the highly competitive market. Microsoft needs the iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 this product may snatch away market share, but it did not.

8. Missed opportunities to expand the Xbox branding opportunity

Microsoft Xbox build around a powerful brand, successfully conquer the living room has a loyal core user. Microsoft failed fusion Xbox brand with other platforms. My colleague Jason Hiner, Microsoft’s smart phone should have “xPhone”, instead of the Windows product.


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