Mar 23

Useful Information for Windows 8 Password Recovery

windows 8 password recoveryIt is really a common thing that we forgot or lost Windows login password for some reasons. Sometimes it even brings us into dilemma. To get rid of such trouble, it is necessary to learn Windows 8 password recovery (more about this at especially for Windows 8 PC users. With these helpful tips, we can find the best solution when forgot Windows 8 password.

1. Create Windows 8 password reset disk.
Which is the easiest method to recover lost Windows 8 password? Of course, it is using Windows 8 password reset disk. But please keep in mind that the password reset disk only works for the account it is created for, and cannot be used to reset the password of another account. And please store it in a safe place.

2. Picture password can also can help.
In addition to password reset disk, picture password is also your choice when creating a password in Windows 8. It is easy and simple to create picture password on Windows 8. With it, you’ll be never troubled by Windows 8 password recovery.

3. Windows Installation disc is another tip on Windows 8 password recovery.
If you forgot Windows 8 password without a password reset disk, make use of Windows 8 installation disc, and access to recovery options to recover the unknown password. This is a very efficient method and works well, but you must have an available system restore point that was created before you had logon issues. Select an appropriate one to carry it out when forgot windows 8 password (detailed info at

4. Windows password reset tools are also you helper.
Forgetting Windows 8 password is not a big problem as long as you get reliable Windows 8 password reset software. It is highly suggested to try Windows Password Key Professional (Click this to download)if you are not good at computer. It allows you to recover Windows 8 password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive in a few minutes, and everyone can handle it due to its user-friendly interface.

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