Dec 07

Microsoft eight sins – Windows 8 is a blessing or a curse?

CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy the article cited Microsoft committed eight turnovers in the decision-making, Windows8 upgrade cost is too high, the Tablet lost force, public relations burnout are on the list.

Recently, Tami Reller, chief marketing and chief financial officer of Microsoft Windows, announced that Windows 8 from October 26 officially listed so far has sold 40 million licenses. Although the surface looks Windows 8 appear to have been successful, but in fact, according to CNET and other media reported that, Windows 8 and related hardware products and disappointments.

November 29, The New York Times published an article, according to NPD data cited Windows 8 PC and tablet sales data, called the poor. Four weeks from October 21 to November 17, Windows Tablet PC sales is almost negligible Excluding Windows 8 devices accounted for only less than 1%.

Windows 8 should be upgraded PC sales, but fell to such an end, in the end is what went wrong? Although Microsoft have healthy thick, can withstand the losses caused by policy mistakes. But where specific issues, let us to a detailed analysis of Microsoft’s eight wrong move.

1. Windows 8 upgrade cost is too high

My family of four or five Windows device, less than $ 40 if the upgrade license, I will consider. But in fact, I feel that Windows 7 runs very well, I did not see any compelling reasons for upgrade, especially several devices are touch screen. And I have become accustomed to Apple’s new system, only to spend $ 20 to buy an OS upgrade package can be upgraded to at least five of the same iTunes account equipment.

Windows 8 compared to Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle is more important, but I do not only need an upgrade license, but more. At least three, preferably five. Some might say I’m greedy, but Microsoft does not provide these types of transactions, I would not consider upgrading.

Confused Surface RT

When I learned a few months ago, Microsoft Surface RT Tablet PC system running Windows RT, rather than the Windows 8 Pro, I was shocked, this implied that the tablet does not support older versions of Windows software.

Why is Windows RT? Why released a few months ago the Windows RT Tablet PC, a Windows software supports the old models of the “real” Windows 8 tablet launched a few months later? In fact, I think Surface tablet hardware performance is good, but it is not unique, killer feature.

3. Surface Pro Tablet overpricing

Tablet launched a few months ago, Microsoft did not disclose the specific price, many people speculated the high-end, the “real” Windows 8 tablet certainly expensive. This guess is verified. Recently, Microsoft announced tablet starts at $ 899 with the keyboard (the keyboard is priced at $ 100). Why I do not spend this money spent with touch screen, ultra-extreme endurance doubled compared to it?

4. Windows 8 notebook confusion

Had a friend mail consulting me, let me recommend a Windows 8 notebook. I told them, a CNET colleague suggested people buy Windows 8 notebook with touch screen. Me laptop guru Dan Ackerman and Scott Stein that the touch screen is a must, I also agree with this point of view. Windows 8 Metro interface supports dynamic magnetic stickers, or more suitable for touch screen operation.

5. Unattractive

New York Times published the NPD data the same day, the newspaper also published an article entitled “IDC: Microsoft face the ultimate trial in the field of mobile software articles. The article cited IDC survey data, 33% of developers surveyed said very interested to Windows 8 development and application, 21% of developers said they are very interested to Windows Phone 7 development and application.

In contrast, intends to iPhone development and application developers proportion as high as 85% to about 83% of iPad development applications, 76% to Android development, Android Tablet PC, compared with 66%, while BlackBerry nobody asked and .

In this study, IDC has said: “not attract 50% of developers willing to develop the mobile platform will gradually die.” In other words, unless Microsoft’s efforts to attract developers, otherwise destined to decline.

Previously, Microsoft Windows 8 conference held in New York, did not give a heavyweight developers leave any deep impression.

A participant said: “Microsoft almost just showcase its Windows applications, but they did not go through the channels of interest to encourage us to develop applications for the Windows platform so difficult for us every reason to go into the Windows smart phones and tablet PCs in the development of related applications, we can not, after all, free to do it. ”

Microsoft PR “crisis”

In recent years, Microsoft has invested in advertising millions of dollars, this is the money the company’s usual practice, even if the result is lackluster. However, I think that in recent years, Microsoft’s public relations burnout effective.

Review Microsoft’s performance in New York, October 25 Windows 8 conference. The media are looking forward to the arrival of the “Oprah moment”, the results left them disappointed. Not only did not experience the Surface Tablet PC, the opposite is just again experience Windows 8 performances.

7 Microsoft does not have a “killer” mobile products

Apple has always been an advantage in the publicity around the iPhone and Android market presents the trend of fragmentation, but part of the Motorola Android phone can occasionally come to the fore, the Samsung Galaxy S3 became genuine Android Star.

As for the former hero of Nokia, has claimed that launched a killer Windows Phone 8, but so far there is no news. Lumia 920 is impressive, but it does not have a strong, the complete ecosystem support, can not be a stable footing in the highly competitive market. Microsoft needs the iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 this product may snatch away market share, but it did not.

8. Missed opportunities to expand the Xbox branding opportunity

Microsoft Xbox build around a powerful brand, successfully conquer the living room has a loyal core user. Microsoft failed fusion Xbox brand with other platforms. My colleague Jason Hiner, Microsoft’s smart phone should have “xPhone”, instead of the Windows product.


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Nov 30

Or free upgrade: Microsoft 2013 to push Windows Blue system

Windows Blue What is it? Some people say that this is the codename of the next-generation operating system Windows, but this is true this? According to foreign media reports, code-named Windows Blue new system will be released in mid-2013, this new system is just a major systemic update, and the update may still use the name of the Windows 8.

After October 26 of this year, Microsoft officially released Windows 8 system, Microsoft nonstop to prepare the next generation of Windows systems, according to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft’s internal plans to disclose this system, code-named Blue will procure Microsoft to develop a new standard, enabling it to provide consumers across the Windows and Windows Phone more regularly updated.

ZDNet website reported, the system updates will be launched in mid-2013, the update will bring UI changes, the change of the entire platform and pricing. Another informed, Microsoft’s goal is to let everyone be able to update and install this new generation of systems. Updates and installation is not only simple, the price will be very low, and Microsoft in order to ensure that all users upgrade to Windows Blue prices will be low or even free update.

Windows Blue in the middle of next year, once released, Windows SDK will also immediately updated to support the new system, when Microsoft will stop Windows 8 App Store application update to urge the developers to create applications for the Windows Blue is worth mentioning that, The Windows Blue SDK, the Windows application is still in the Windows Blue continues to run.

Annual upgrade will become the norm

As far as we know, the user needs a genuine system can complete experience to the upgraded Windows Blue, or the built-in applications and the Windows store will stop running.

In addition, the sources also revealed that the Windows Blue is a systematic update, but the update may still use the Windows name.

It can be said that the Windows Blue great part of Microsoft next year, a major update, and Microsoft is also likely to kick off on the annual upgrade normalization in response to challenge Apple and Google platforms every year upgrade.

So far, Microsoft has declined to make any comment on the Windows Blue.

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Nov 23

Microsoft will release a special edition of Windows 8 Japanese comics PC

Microsoft will release a special edition of Windows 8 Japanese comics PC

Microsoft to promote the sales of the latest Windows 8 operating system will be set in Japan’s largest comic show Microsoft exhibits station, and Microsoft will also be a special version of the Japanese manga PC sales in the Japanese market. It is understood that this message reported that Microsoft is looking various method can occupy a lot of market share in Japan, Microsoft is trying to use the mascot of Japan, Japanese anime as a breakthrough to push Windows 8 sales in the Japanese market .

Windows 8 DSP (Delivery Service Partner) has to use a different Japanese anime role to open up the Japanese market, but it seems that Microsoft is the future of animation market has been more planning. Microsoft will launch its own exhibition units, Japan’s largest comic book exhibition will be several anime reality show cosplay girl doing promotion for Microsoft’s products. In addition, Microsoft will also showcase a special version of Windows 8 Japanese comics PC.

Microsoft obviously want to be able to sell the laptop in this exhibition, but as to whether the Japanese anime fans will go to buy a new laptop, and is difficult to predict the results also shows that this action from Microsoft.

It is understood that, the Japanese Windows 8 operating system, the sales price of the delivery service version for $ 255, including the theme pack wallpaper, music, and with a Windows 8 logo Microsoft Touch mouse. Microsoft’s use of two Japanese anime mascot to promote Windows 8 sales in the Japanese market, but has not released official sales data in the Japanese market, Microsoft, and the same on the other markets of the world of Microsoft Windows 8 unpublished official sales data.

Microsoft used two Japanese anime mascot are likely to appear in this comic book exhibition, will appear before the message also said Microsoft used to promote Windows Azure in the Japanese market, Japanese anime role of “Claudia” in this exhibition. Japanese anime market will be held on December 29 in Japan, the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.


Oct 26

Apple CEO Cook: iPhone 5 on sale in China in December

Beijing October 26, according to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), held company earnings release conference call with analysts on Thursday, said Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter in “excellent” performance in the China region market, revenue reached $ 5.7 billion, an increase of 26% compared to the same period last year, unchanged from the third quarter. Cook also said that Apple will be held in December this year in the Chinese mainland market Offering iPhone 5.

Cook in a conference call revealed Apple wireless products sales in Greater China: Tablet PC iPad sales grew by 45% year-on-year; iPhone mobile phone sales grew 38%. The entire 2012 fiscal year, Apple’s revenue in Greater China reached $ 23.8 billion, more than doubled compared to the 2011 fiscal year. Currently, Apple’s revenue from the Greater China region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, China, China Taiwan and Macau, China, has accounted for 15% of the company’s total revenue.
Apple is using its strong retail position in the Greater China market to further promote the market development. Cook said: “We are continuing to invest in their own retail stores, and continue to broaden the channels of cooperation between this is a very exciting market, more and more users want Apple products.”
Indeed, Apple’ retail stores in Greater China has ushered in a new milestone. In the conference call, the company’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) stressed opened stores in Hong Kong, the company’s fourth quarter in fiscal year 2012, Apple opened a retail store.
Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter from the Asia-Pacific region, on revenue of $ 7.537 billion, an increase of 15% compared to the same period last year, but down 4% compared with the previous quarter. Calculated in accordance with the revenue, the Asia-Pacific region is still Apple’s third-largest market. However, with Apple’s fourth-quarter revenue of $ 2.367 billion in the Japanese market, the contribution to the total revenue of the entire Asian market in the fourth quarter for Apple about $ 10 billion is Apple’s second-largest market, behind $ 13.8 billion United States market.
Apple Mac sales in the Asia-Pacific region in the fourth quarter to 877,000 units, an increase of 20% over the same period last year, an increase of 40% compared with the previous quarter. Fiscal 2012 third quarter, Mac sales in the Asia-Pacific region to 593,000 units.
Greater China has been a key growth driver for Apple’s international revenue. Apple’s third-quarter revenue from Greater China is $ 5.7 billion, a year-on-year growth of 48%; second quarter to $ 7.9 billion, an increase of three times. 2011 fiscal year, Apple’s revenue in the market is $ 13.3 billion.