How to Remove Window 7 Password That If Forgot?

remove Window 7 login password

how to remove Window 7 password

How to remove Window 7 password that if forgot?
My nephews forgot Windows 7password on his laptop. By any means can I unlock it or get it the machine to recover the password?? I cannot obtain the switch user on his computer; like mine. He is using Window 7 Home Premium.

Things are troublesome! The one account is usually a Guest account he is using that doesn’t have admin powers. I am aware that there exists a Windows 7 hidden admin account of course, if I will enable that account somehow without Admin powers I most certainly will get Admin powers again. The system restore is blocked with an admin password therefore I can’t achieve that. I have not possessed a Windows 7 Home Premium disk. I think if I can get classic login from XP I bought enter in Administrator without password and find on hidden admin.

I did learn about suggestion of using Windows 7 installation DVD for such troublesome problem:
If you have a Windows 7 installation DVD (not a recovery DVD) you can boot the system with it. Select the default language, and then choose “Repair your computer”. Then select “Command Prompt”. At the command prompt type:

net user administrator /active: yes [press Enter]
net user [insert your user account's name here] [insert new user password like 1234 here] [press Enter]

[Note: Do not type the brackets!]

Remove the installation DVD and reboot the computer. Now you will be able to log into your user account using the password you set; i.e., 1234.

Well, I am not a computer master and can’t enter proper words as it’s said. So the method still cannot help me though I have a Windows 7 installation DVD. I just hope to get an easy-to-use tool without professional techniques! Surprising, I meet with Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool! Now look at how to use it within five easy steps:
Step # 1: Download Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool via an unlocked pc from website
Step # 2: Set it up and run it. Concurrently, insert a blank CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver then choose your media to forfeit the iso image file to password reset disk.
Step # 3: Do because apps prompt; we can easily produce a password reset disk soon. But so what can it’s used by us if need Windows 7 turn off password and also utilize it to reset password?
Step # 4: On your pc password forgotten, connect the disk burned with pc, and do BIOS setting to start out pc from disk we choose.
Step # 5: Restart locked pc, the apps will definitely reset password within clicks!

Such surprising Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool can not only help recover lost Windows 7 password, but also for Windows 8,Vista, XP, Server 2010, 2008, etc. You can keep it and have a try!

Read step-by-step tutorial from video: How to Remove Windows 7 Password!

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