Jan 09

When I forgot user password Windows 7, which recovery tool can help me?

How can I reset Windows 7 password on HP Mini 210? I recently bought a HP Mini 210 repackaged and the guy who bought it first already setup his password and everything. How do I reset the password? Please respond soon, patience is thin…
Certainly one of my girlfriends recommended solutions on how to remove Windows 7 password to me:
Solution One:
You possibly can restore your computer to factory settings. Note: This procedure would delete each of the data (like picture, documents) and software on the computer.
1. De-activate your computer.
2. When you restart laptop, start tapping F11 and go through on screen instructions.

Solution Two:
Use Windows Password Recovery Tool for my forgot user password Windows 7 easily.
1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool via an unlocked pc from website http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com.
2: Set it up and run it. Concurrently, insert a blank CD/DVD/USB Flash Driver then choose your media to forfeit the iso image file to password reset disk.
3: Do because apps prompt; we can easily produce a password reset disk soon. But so what can it’s used by us if forgot password and also utilize it to reset password?
4: On my pc password forgotten, connect the disk burned with pc, and do BIOS setting to start out pc from disk we choose.
5: Restart locked pc, the apps will definitely change Windows 7  password within clicks!
Actually, I adopted the second method that is safe for data on my computer. There is no any data lost after I get back my forgotten password within minutes! So, I am appreciated to the Windows 7 password removal Tool!